Seeking Calm

I won’t lie, right now my peace and sanctuary has been interrupted. I live in an apartment complex on the top floor, and a man moved in below me. His place is like a revolving hotel with the Girlfriend, her kids, his sister’s kids, etc. Every weekend and some week nights, my peace is shattered. […]

Blue Heron sitting on a log

Get Back to Nature

After a long Winter of being indoors, looking out the windows, watching rain and snow, it’s a welcome relief to get outside and discover the world around you. My advice to you: Get outdoors and take the time to see what’s around you.  Interacting with nature is the best food for the soul.  Knowing how […]

Columbia River Gorge Wildflower

The Importance of Self Care

I love Fridays. Why?  Because I know that just in a few hours, the weekend will begin.  No matter if I have plans, or not, the weekend signals as a time I can relax, and pay attention to self-care.  Or at least try to. We should all practice self-care mindfully.  Every day.  But sometimes you […]