Rainy days can be good for you

Contrary to what you may think, rainy days can be good for the soul. Take advantage of your indoor time with an activity that will allow you to slow down and focus on what’s important. Spend time in the kitchen, cooking with family or friends, or dive into a really good book next to a […]

Keeping Positive

It was Richard Bach who said, “We magnetize into our lives whatever we hold in thought.” The answers you seek are inside of you. Start by believing in yourself, and if you are having a bad day, turn your thoughts towards what is going right, and focus on how it can get better. Positive thinking […]

Monday Mornings

Search online for how to handle Monday mornings, and you’ll get a list of suggested things to do to fight the blues: Get up earlier, eat breakfast, bring doughnuts to work, compliment someone, and so on. Since I work from home, my choices are pretty different. So here’s what I do: After showering and pouring […]