Thank you for taking a moment out of your time to view my blog and portfolio. Photography and the outdoors has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. The pictures you see here are what speaks to me when I view a scene. The impulse to pick up a camera and take a snapshot of a memorable view calls to me in every one of my shots that I post. It is a chance to be able to grab that moment back when I review my photos later.

I am also a big proponent of self-care. In my daily life, I am a project manager, and it can get quite stressful and busy. The reward comes at 5:00pm, when I can grab my coat, my dog, and my camera and head out to my neighborhood forest. Taking pictures and being surrounded by the natural world is calming and peaceful. Listening to the birds, smelling flowers or the plant life around me, is my Zen.

This blog showcases my work, some taken with my iPhone, others taken with one of my DSLRs. The words I write are not just for you. They are for me. To remember. To come back to. To breathe.

If you’d like to see my professional portfolio, please visit the link below. Note: all links in this site open in a new browser window.

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Common Questions

How can I contact you?

Please send either fill out the contact form or send an email to kay.martin@gmail.com, and I will happy to respond.

How long have you been interested in Photography?

I’ve taken pictures every since I can remember, and credit my Great Aunt Lucille for paving the way ahead of me.  She had a 4×5 camera and took award winning pictures, selling them at art shows.

I learned to take pictures in College, taking a class learning how to develop film and photos in a darkroom.  I was a huge fan of Ansel Adams (still am), and focused on black & white photography.

Later on, I was inspired by the digital revolution, and bought my first DSLR a little over 10 years ago.  My photography really ramped up after that. 

Do you sell your pictures?

I have sold my pictures in the past, but have not actively marketed them. Please view my portfolio and click on the one that interests you.  If you have any questions about a particular photo, contact me and I will respond.

Forest in the fog