Find your balance

Sometimes life gets us going so fast that we lose our balance. Our goals and resolutions get forgotten. We lose touch with friends, family, and what’s really important. All because of pursuing the almighty dollar.

Yes, it’s true the dollar is what pays our bills, keeps the food on the table, and our engines humming. Our homes, partners, family including children, depend on it.

So while realizing the importance of making rent, getting that extra dollar from those late hours working overtime, we should also balance that by taking time to slow down. Pick up a pen and paper. Write down what’s important to you. Create a bucket list of things you’ve always wanted to do. Reach out to friends and family you’ve not talked to for a while. Take a long walk in a beautiful place and unwind. Or spend time doing something you love. Make this a weekly habit. Set a reminder on your calendar.

For when you look back on your life, you don’t want to think about all those extra hours you worked, nor that project you launched. You want think about how your life impacted others, and have no regrets.


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