Monday Mornings

Search online for how to handle Monday mornings, and you’ll get a list of suggested things to do to fight the blues: Get up earlier, eat breakfast, bring doughnuts to work, compliment someone, and so on.

Since I work from home, my choices are pretty different.

So here’s what I do: After showering and pouring a cup of coffee, I log into Spotify or iTunes and pick music that will help me get through the day. Usually, in the morning, it’s soft quiet music to help get my brain going. Selections by David Helpling, Jon Jenkins, Erik Wollo, to name a few.

Then I jot down tasks to do in the day ahead, if they’ve not been marked down before.

And mostly, I look out the window and gaze at the sky. The sunrise is what makes it.

Look inside yourself. What is the first thing you would do to make the day go better? Jot down a few things in your to do list until they become a habit, and your Mondays could just go a whole lot better.


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