Seeking Calm

I won’t lie, in the past I’ve not had the luxury of living in a place where my life was not filled with noisy neighbors. I used to live in an apartment complex on the top floor, and a man lived in the place below me. His home was like a revolving hotel with The Girlfriend, her kids, his sister’s kids, etc. Every weekend and some week nights, my peace was shattered. They seemed to be oblivious that apartment noise travels and my poor dog didn’t like it either. Loud sounds bother her.  And let’s face it, when your neighbor continues to slam doors all day long, it can be unsettling.

To combat the negative energy coming from the bottom floor, I smudge the apartment with white sage. Every day. Smudging boosts negative ions, and lifts the mood.

I’ve found smudging to be very effective with former neighbors of mine. There was some physical abuse going on, and my neighbors were spinning up so much negative energy, I felt soaked in it.

One night in particular, I opened my windows and doors, and proceeded to smudge the whole apartment with white sage. I cast the negative energy out, shut the doors and windows, then took the dog on a walk. When I got back, the air in my apartment felt so much lighter. There was a noticable change.

Smudging is useful for all kinds of reasons. It helps clean the air of toxins, helps to improve mental clarity and focus, alieviates depression, and even helps you sleep. I encourage you to check it out to see if it can help you.

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