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The Importance of Self Care

I love Fridays. Why?  Because I know that just in a few hours, the weekend will begin.  No matter if I have plans, or not, the weekend signals as a time I can relax, and pay attention to self-care.  Or at least try to.

We should all practice self-care mindfully.  Every day.  But sometimes you need that extra time to breathe in and out.  Re-discover what you love to do (while off work), or focus on studies for your career ahead. If you work long hours every week, all the more important to close that laptop and focus on relaxing.

Everyone has different methods of de-stressing from the workweek.  Mine is to work on my photos in PhotoShop or Lightroom, while listening to my favorite music.  I also love to take long walks with my dog, or pick up a book and be swept away into another world.

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